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Are you in the neighbourhood? R&M Timber flooring services offers full  flooring services to the Illawarra, Sydney, and the South Coast region.

People work hard to build a house that they are proud of and it takes a lot of effort to do so. We understand that from concept to execution our clients are wanting a custom experience and what better way to start that with is our array of designs.

Our designs are of top-notch quality. At R & M Timber Flooring we understand that every homeowner has a certain aesthetic in their mind and they want their house to feel like a home. You couldn’t be prouder of your humble abode if we installed our custom designs.

How are they custom?
There are plenty of products to choose from but each one also has various finishes that leave your timber floors with a personal touch.

We can’t harp on about it enough. Our timber flooring services are of the utmost quality. The end product may look elegant to the eye but underneath they are robust, durable, and ready to take on the day-to-day activities that occur in your household.

Whether you have your dancing heels on or the children are chasing after the dog, these floors are known to weather the brunt of a household.

As we said, people work hard to own their house and our clients are no different. Considering the quality of our floors, the professional way we conduct our business and the customer experience you will surely rave about. Our timber flooring services are quite valuable for their cost.

Everyone should be able to have the house of their dreams and it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to install it.

Enquire within a company you can trust.

French Mocha 700

Floor Sanding

Repair and restoration of old floors 
Repair all timber surfaces
Floor maintenance including recoating or staining

Storm Luxury Hybrid Planks


Block and Mosiac
Supply and installation of new floors

Timber Floor 700


Floating Timber Floors (prefinished)
Laminate Floors 
Laminate Stairs

R & M Timber Flooring


Residential and Commercial Services

No matter how big the project is or how small the apartment is, our quality of service extends to all residential and commercial jobs.